Parent/Student Update


Dear Bridge Parents/Students,

Due to some recent events we wanted to take a moment to remind parents and students about our policies.

A popular activity for students lately has been to get dropped off at the Bridge, check-in, and then shortly after, check-out to hang out on the block with other students. This activity has created tremendous problems for us with the local residents and businesses and is a serious safety concern. Students that continue to engage in this behavior will no longer be able to attend the Bridge and parents will be notified.

Our primary concern is for the safety of all the students that attend the Bridge but also for the well being of the local downtown area. We want to be able to remain open for many years to come, and if the Bridge becomes a nuisance to the local community, we will no longer be able to remain open.

We are asking all students to either choose to be at the Bridge for the evening and only check-out when it’s time to be picked up, or we will have to ask them to find a different place to hang out on a Friday night.

Students and parents must also be aware that local businesses, residents, or Bridge Leaders will not hesitate to call CCPD when they observe trespassing or loitering which could result in criminal misdemeanor charges. These areas include but are not limited to: the alley behind the Bridge, stairwells (on 4th street between Main St. & Highway 50), roof of neighboring buildings, or in the clock tower parking lot.

As a parent, if you have a concern about your student leaving the Bridge when they are not supposed to, please call us at: 719-315-6428 and we will let you know what time they checked in/out.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter as we continually try to provide an excellent and safe facility for the youth in Canon City.

Much Love,

Justin Smith

Director, Bridge Youth Center